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About Us

T and T Realty Services Private Limited has been founded by Mr. Ashish Thapar and Mr. Gurpreet Singh Ratra, who have a common passion for bringing a positive and dynamic change in the way real estate projects are conceived, planned, and implemented. Both possess a rich experience of handling various commercial projects and have a successful track record of managing various exclusive commercial projects in Gurgaon. Together they synergize to bring the best value proposition & experience for the developer & customer.

The people in the company are passionate about the work they do. They conceptualise commercial projects with scientific approach keeping in mind Who; the promoters are, What; are the needs of the promoters and investors, How; to design a real estate product in the most efficient manner, When; the project would start and finish, and conducting a complete commercial and strategic analysis before any investments are made.

Our Mission

To provide best returns on investment focusing on premium commercial properties that are at par with the best in the world, ensuring investor delight. Pillared by a hard working team with years of experience, we have a strong association with the real estate companies known for quality construction and timely completion. Currently, we are focusing on providing our customers luxury, commercial real estate in Gurugram and surrounding region.

Our Business Principles

Customer comes first

The customer is always our first primacy as their financial well being is of utmost significance to us. We aim for customer delight by ensuring excellent communications with our customers and developers, timely delivery of projects, and ease of doing business. We are constantly making efforts to improve ourselves based on our customer feedback.

Our Approach

We are scientific in our approach to our business and ethical in our behaviour with our customers and employees. We take due care to ensure that concerns of our customer are heard and addressed, always treating our stakeholders with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our People

Our employees are key to our success, we offer an encouraging work environment helping our people grow, enabling individuals to make a difference and teams to win.. We reward high performance and encourage growth and learning. We give our best effort to create a working culture and environment that inspires our people to stay and grow with us.

Our Effective and Efficient way of Operations

Employing the principle of Kaizen we strive to continuously improve the way we work, think, balancing the quest of progress with in depth market analysis and innovative thinking. We encourage teamwork, respect and trust for one another.

Our Honesty in Business practice

We always display and practice the highest standards of integrity at all levels. Honesty is the cornerstone of our organisational belief system. We believe that our objectives can only be achieved through transparency and ethical core values.

Our Innovation & Ideas

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, expert project analysis and sound real estate advice on Commercial Projects. We will pursue the highest levels of professionalism and service innovation in an effort to best represent our clients. We strive to drive new breakthroughs, introduce scientific analysis into our thinking, and leverage it to fuel growth for our businesses by helping our customers to make informed decisions.

Where You Can Find Us


now cover over 13 luxurious projects.As the name goes T and T - Trust and Transparency, this company deals with the same. Without creating any confusions,doubts. With every possible comparison of all the Projects around the City and which are Best for Investment , they guided throughout the Project and the upcoming Commercial and Residential Property in Gurgaon. tandtrealty aims to provide the highest value trendy pieces while also being dedicated to quality, value and service.


Managing Director

Mr. Ashish Thapar an engineer from Bharti Vidya Peeth; Pune University has successful business experience of over 17 years in varied industries like Exports, Financial Funding, and Infrastructure Development. He started this company with a vision to create the most innovative thinking and focused organisation in the real estate industry. Mr. Thapar is well connected with the corporate, HNI/NRI, & Real Estate Developer community. A leader par excellence he has helped many companies reach the pinnacle of success and has been a catalyst in the growth of many real estate companies. He is an excellent thinker & motivator and possesses wide technical knowledge which brings out the most rational problem solving approach.

Mr. Gurpreet S Ratra

Mr. Gurpreet S Ratra, an MBA from a premier B School has been working with leading brands in the real estate industry for over a decade. His experience; exclusively in the real estate industry, has provided him with knowledge and insight about conceptualising and creating strategies, employing innovative ideas to enrich customer experience which helps create the best value for all stakeholders. An excellent team leader with a vision to bring ethical traits to the team, he is a well known name in the industry for his integrity and networking skills.

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