Crime Rates in Gurgaon

Crime Rates in Gurgaon

The Millennium City has seen massive growth in every sector. In recent years, the city has grown to become a true modern metropolis with skyscrapers and well-developed infrastructure. In Gurgaon, there are numerous offices of well-known organizations. The majority of visitors are here on business. If you have time, though, you should go to Damdama Lake and Leisure Valley Park to see the sights. There are also several shopping malls in the city where you can find anything you desire, as well as many new products and equipment from international manufacturers. There are also significant international exhibitions on occasion.


The crime rate in the city is average. At night, it's not safe. Any contact with drug dealers should be avoided at all costs. The ancient town district is less safe. In new areas of the city, there has been a decrease in crime.


Public transportation is in disarray and unreliable. It is not usually on time and is dangerous owing to pickpockets. Taxis are safe to use, especially at night. However, remain seated behind the driver and ensure that the taximeter is turned on.


Pickpockets are frequent in this city, as they are in every other Indian city, and visitors are the most regular victims. To avoid being robbed, keep a close eye on your pockets, avoid being distracted by street beggars or technology, and never leave your personal possessions unattended.


Because Gurgaon is located in an active seismic zone, natural disasters such as earthquakes are a potential possibility. Before you come here, look into the circumstances in the city to see if this is a risk.


Serious crimes are uncommon in the city, although it is good to be vigilant and avoid exploring the dark streets late at night. Drug traffickers are involved in the majority of crimes. Avoid making eye contact with them and staying out of drunken brawls.


Terrorism is a possibility, although it is not a high one. There were no large-scale acts of terrorism in Gurgaon. Street demonstrations and religious meetings, on the other hand, should be avoided. Before you travel, research the region's political status.


On the streets of Gurgaon, you may be enticed by false vendors who are trying to offer you a fake for a low price. They frequently pay more attention to tourists and try to deceive them at every turn by inflating the pricing of low-cost goods and services. Avoid going to and shopping at impromptu marketplaces.


Women traveling alone can feel safe in this city, however, modest clothing is advised. It's also a good idea to avoid the city's streets after dusk. Always sit behind the driver when getting a cab.

The city saw a huge surge in crime in tandem with the growth of industry and infrastructure. The crime rate is about average, and it has been increasing in recent years. Theft of products, drug trafficking, petty robbery, corruption, and bribery are the most common crimes. The old Gurgaon region has been discovered to be more dangerous than the new. The majority of crimes are tied to drugs and the desire for quick cash to get a new dose. As a result, young people on the streets, particularly late at night, may exhibit inappropriate behavior. Due to corruption, the police do not always respond swiftly to crime reports and may not respond to your account of the incident. You must take precautions to ensure your safety.

Avoid the old town's streets, and don't go out late at night in Gurgaon. Do not engage in business with drug sellers; drugs are prohibited in India, and dealing with them can lead to harsh consequences. If you're travelling by car, don't leave valuables in it and make sure it's locked. In India, traffic is extremely chaotic, and drivers do not always observe the regulations. When you're on the road, keep this in mind.