Real Estate Housing Trends 2022

Real Estate Housing Trends 2022

India is the place to go if you want to invest in real estate. There is a large population, and since everyone wants a home or a place to call home, the real estate market will almost certainly never dry up. However, newbies and veterans alike will find that investing in real estate without sufficient understanding is difficult and can be turned out to be complex. If you plan to invest in the Indian real estate market in the coming year, here are a few key trends to keep in mind.

The upsurge is homes being bought

People are increasingly attempting to purchase rather than rent properties in India's real estate industry. This may easily extend throughout the following year. This could be due to a few factors that we brought over from the pandemic. Since working from home has become more of a standard than a coping method for the pandemic, the youthful working class has been purchasing properties on the outskirts, away from the hassles and pollutants of city life. This is very likely to continue into the following year. Investing in the development of properties on the outskirts of cities could be a wise decision. To capitalize on the trend, the greatest builders in Kerala have been seen investing in constructing the outskirts of cities.

Rental demographics

Because many young people prefer to buy rather than rent, one may expect rental rates and demand for property rentals to fall. This is not the case, however. Many young people are still looking to rent properties until they can afford to buy their ideal home. With a big number of people traveling about on a regular basis, demand has increased rather than diminished. Top builders in Kerala have begun to construct flats for both rental and sale purposes. Which, in our opinion, is a smart strategy to play the real estate market right now. Due to the pleasant climate, flats in Kerala have always been in high demand.

Increase in affordability

The EMI to monthly income ratio has decreased. This, combined with the ease with which people may get and repay home loans, has resulted in a huge number of people purchasing a property. Kerala's apartment sales are higher than they've ever been. Following the pandemic, the number of individuals moving for work would rise again. This will result in the real estate business returning to its former glory, if not even bettering it.


Finally, it would not be incorrect to predict that real estate development, sale, and rental in India will be extremely profitable in the coming year and beyond. The beams of the thriving business arrive as the dark clouds of the pandemic slowly dissipate. If you've been considering investing in the Indian real estate market, now is the moment.