Promoter’s Profile

Mr. Ashish Thapar an engineer from Bharti Vidya Peeth; Pune University has successful business experience of over 17 years in varied industries like Exports, Financial Funding, and  Infrastructure Development. He started this company with a vision to create the most innovative thinking and focused organisation in  the real estate industry. Mr. Thapar is well connected with the corporate, HNI/NRI, & Real Estate Developer community. A leader par excellence he has helped many companies reach the pinnacle of success and has been a catalyst in the growth of many real estate companies. He is an excellent thinker & motivator and possesses wide technical knowledge which brings out the most rational problem solving approach.

Mr. Gurpreet S Ratra, an MBA from a premier B School has been working with leading brands in the real estate industry for over a decade. His experience; exclusively in the real estate industry, has provided him with knowledge and insight about conceptualising and creating strategies, employing innovative ideas to enrich customer experience which helps create the best value for all stakeholders. An excellent team leader with a vision to bring ethical traits to the team, he is a well known name in the industry for his integrity and networking skills.