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T and T Realty Services Private Limited is a leading consultancy company incorporated in 2014 to drive Social and Economic Growth through REAL ESTATE by safeguarding the Future and creating a Brighter World for Customers, Partners, Communities, and the Environment.


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We understand your dreams and necessities and bring them to reality a by offering the ideal home that you have always longed for.



We understand your value points regarding the market, key customers. And present you an idea that will generate cash flow.



We don’t just commit but deliver results and our track record speaks for itself. With a Goal-Oriented approach, we are one of the topmost real estates.


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Building a trusted network & keeping the business transparent is what we can boast about. We do offer our support & commit to financial growth.

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T and T Realty is a notable name in Real Estate Consulting and Solutions, with a strong track record spanning over a decade in real estate operations and investment advisory. Our focus covers various regions in India, particularly Delhi NCR. We excel in providing specialized Real Estate Consulting services tailored for the Delhi NCR area.

Our commitment to ethical practices and skill in optimizing investors' financial portfolios set us apart. Our services include helping with bulk property bookings, managing pre-leased properties, and exploring opportunities for joint ventures. Throughout, our priority is safeguarding investors' assets and ensuring strong returns.


Recognized as the leading authority in Real Estate consulting across Delhi NCR, T and T Realty has established itself as a symbol of excellence in the Gurgaon Region. Our dedication to protecting investors' hard-earned resources drives us to secure the best possible deals. For those seeking top-notch real estate brokerage services in Gurgaon, T and T Realty is the ultimate choice.

Our consistent commitment to delivering impeccable services has propelled us to prominence among real estate entities in Delhi NCR. Our reputation for maintaining high standards is based on our ability to provide well-tailored advice and consultations aligned with changing market trends. Both investors and builders trust us as a reliable intermediary. Driven by our responsibilities, we strive to meet the diverse needs of all parties.

At the core of T and T Realty is a fundamental goal: to empower investors to achieve remarkable returns in their real estate ventures, while carefully navigating risks through ethical practices.


What Customers Say About Us

Through our services, we surely have made a mark on numerous clients. As we do not believe in one time client-service relationship but a long-term bond that we can cherish forever. That’s why today T and T Realty is a group of 2000+ family and extended family members who have availed of our services and are recommending us to date. Have a look at some..

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T and T Realty FAQs

TandT Realty is a real estate consultancy firm offering a range of services related to buying, selling, and investing in real estate.
Real estate consultancy services provide expert guidance and market insights to help you make informed decisions in the complex world of real estate.
TandT Realty uses its expertise to match your preferences, budget, and goals with suitable properties in the market.
TandT Realty offers services for both buyers and sellers, including property evaluation, marketing, and negotiation assistance.
Market research and analysis help clients understand current trends, pricing, and investment potential, ensuring they make informed decisions.
Yes, TandT Realty can help you develop investment strategies, such as rental property or commercial real estate investments, based on your goals.
TandT Realty stands out due to its experienced team, customer-centric approach, and in-depth knowledge of local real estate markets.
Absolutely. Real estate consultancy is especially valuable for first-time buyers to navigate the complex process with confidence.
You can contact TandT Realty through their website to schedule a consultation and discuss your real estate needs.
By utilizing TandT Realty's services, you can expect to save time, make informed decisions, and potentially secure better deals in the real estate market.
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